Alter: Ren and Masato

Last month these two lovelies arrived when I arrived home from Anime Expo. So happy to have them on my shelf. ❤


Boxes Front




Side. Masato’s box is that same size as Tokiya’s, but Ren’s is thinner. Probably because Ren doesn’t have an outstretched hand that needs protecting, like Masato and Tokiya.







Other side. Noe let’s open them.




Just like with all your other figures, double check for all figure parts and figure quality. Luckily, Ren and Masato, just like Tokiya only have three parts. The main figure, the extra expression head, and the clear base.



Everyone on Ren’s MFC’s page was concerned about the purple in prototype’s hair but the final figures look great. When asked why so much purple was added to his hair, Alter replied saying that they were trying to recreate the same effect that is on his hair in the anime. Once I did a google images seach, after about three screenshots…I realized they were right. XD



I really prefer to photograph my figures in a way that they have strong dark shadows. The contrast is great, looks interesting to me. lol




Let’s do a turnaround…I need one of those spinning base things. XD




Yes he has a mic, don’t worry. 😉






IMG_7858 IMG_7859

Those muscles. ❤ Thank you Alter. Since Masato and Tokiya have stage clothes with sleeves, you get the generic slender arm.




IMG_7860 IMG_7861 IMG_7863 IMG_7864

Thank You Ren, let’s move onto Masato.




In his blister, be sure to take inventory.



❤ Masato is my third favorite about of all the Uta Pri boys (Tokiya being #1 and Ren #2), so I almost didn’t order his figure but I’m sooo glad I did. He is gorgeous.





IMG_7867 IMG_7868 IMG_7869 IMG_7870 (1)

Lovely, lovely Masato. Everything about this figure captures his personality perfectly. ❤






IMG_7871 IMG_7872 IMG_7873 IMG_7874

Inside of his jacket is *SLIGHTLY* sparkly.




The details of his jacket are very nice.



IMG_7876 IMG_7877

Roommates, friends, rivals…together.



IMG_7878 IMG_7880

Together with Tokiya.




Alter…please, please PLEASE…make a Hayato Scale when you’re done with the rest of the boys so I can display him with Tokiya. ❤




IMG_7882 IMG_7883


They really look good as a unit. 😀

If you have any Uta Pri boys, feel free to share! Hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading.  🙂


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