Nel Plays Dress-up!

Today we find Saber in the living room, gazing out the back doors. It has gotten so hot that she has changes out of her faithful daily dress into something more suitable for extreme heat.

IMG_8345 Saber: *humming*IMG_8346Saber: It is much too hot today.

IMG_8347 Saber: I’m glad I found this dress Master made for me a while back. Its still as comfy as ever. Perfect for hot days like tod-!!!??!!

IMG_8348 Saber: Is that a pizza I see!? *runs off in search of the pizza*

IMG_8349Nel:…I’m sure I just saw Saber over here.

Eren: …mean titan gone…

Nel: Yup, so nothing for you to worry about little guy. ❤

IMG_8350 Nel: Oh! It’s Saber dress. She loves this dress…I wonder why she would take it off in the middle of the day? *gasp* Could she be…streaking!?! And after see scolded me last summer for doing it. tsk tsk! IMG_8351 Nel: Well…let’s not waste an opportunity. Hehe. Look away for  a bit, will ya little guy?

IMG_8352Eren: ….

Nel: Okay, you can look now.

IMG_8353 Nel: What do ya think?!

Eren: 0///0

IMG_8355Nel: Not to brag but…maybe this dress suits me better. Hehe.

IMG_8356 Saber: Wha-

*excuse the mess in the background, this is my sewing corner. Haha.* IMG_8359 Saber: What are you doing!?

Nel: Wearing your dress.

Saber: Why!?

Nel: Because you left it here.

IMG_8360 Saber: Give it back at once!!!

Eren: E-evil titan…

Nel: No! I look good in it!

Saber: Oh please, your flat chest can not possible fill out my dress in all of it’s glory.

Nel: I’m not flat chested!!!

IMG_8361 Saber: See!? *lightly pulls on dress* See how easily the straps slip off.

Nel: !?!?

IMG_8362 Nel: S-stop it! Y-you, you BIG STUPID BALLOON CHEST MEANIE!!! Waaahhhhhhhhh!!! *runs off crying* IMG_8367Saber: …so are you going to give me my dress back or not?

Eren: 0_o Gotta get away. *slowly crawling away*



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