Who Do You Love?

We find the girls in the front of the house today.

IMG_8315 Seems like they were both internet surfing, but…Nel seems to have a lot on her mind.

IMG_8317 Nel: Saber? IMG_8320 Saber: *without looking away* Yes? IMG_8321 Nel: C-can I ask you a question? I-it’s a bit embarrassing though.

IMG_8322 Saber: Go ahead. Out with it. IMG_8323 Nel: …Do you love someone? IMG_8326 Saber: Of course. I love Master.

Nel: Ugh, of course you would say that. The whole world knows how you feel about the Miss. IMG_8327Saber: Then, I’m confused. IMG_8328 Nel: I meant, do you love someone as in, love a man?

IMG_8329 Saber: *giggles uncontrollably*IMG_8330 Nel: *embarrassed* What’s so funny!? Girls are supposed to love guys right?

IMG_8331 Saber: Haha, yes but, unless Master were to suddenly turn into a man, I love none. No man is capable of capturing my affection.

IMG_8332 Nel: *whispers to self*  I KNEW Saber was the wrong one to ask about this…

Saber: What was that?

Nel: Nothing!

IMG_8333Nel: Well, whatever, I’m sure my online friends will have better answers than you.

IMG_8335Nel: I’ll just go in another room before your no love vibes kill my mood. See ya.

Shiro: Arf Arf! *goes with Nel*


IMG_8336 Saber:…IMG_8337 IMG_8338 IMG_8339 IMG_8341 Saber: Finally, I thought they would never go away. I love you Ren, I love you Levi. ❤ *cuddles*

IMG_8344Saber: Hehe! 😉


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