Black Gold Saw

The newest member of my collection happens to be none other than Black Gold Saw from Black Rock Shooter OVA. Super excited to finally have Gold Saw in my hands. When she first released about…three years ago (?), I wasn’t really into collecting and missed out on her. I had no idea she would be so sought with crazy high prices in the after market but now…she’s mine! ❤ IMG_9788I got Gold Saw from the Rakuten Shop called Terraformer. They have very reasonable prices and even ship their figures by SAL for cheaper rates. Gold Saw was considered defective at the shop because her torso has a bit of Black staining where her shorts make contact with her skin. She also has a strange half circle indent on her torso, like someone sunk their nail into her tummy, but it’s hardly noticeable. I only paid about 1300 yen for her before shipping, with it, about 2000 yen. Pretty darn good deal. 🙂 IMG_9795Freedom from the box.

IMG_9796 As always, check for parts. 6 hands, 2 extra faceplates, her Gold Saw, Figma stand and base, plastic bag to keep contents in.

IMG_9797 Since I got her second hand, she was very dusty. I was too excited to take photos of her that I didn’t give her a wash. You can also see the finger nail-ish sink in her tummy in this pic.

IMG_9800 Alright, time to actually try with these photos now. XD

IMG_9801 I really love the Aura that her Figma gives off.



IMG_9808 Her hands are really strange and interesting. Now that I think about it…all the villains in BRS have these skeleton hands, even in the television anime version. BRS is the only one with “normal” hands.


IMG_9815 Her faceplates are pretty standard, but effective.








IMG_9843 IMG_9849The type to play with her meals before partaking?! ^_^; Poor BRS.

IMG_9856Look out or you’ll be next.

Gold Saw light Glow EditUntil next time. ^_^/


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