Halloween Miku 2014

IMG_8855 It’s waaaaaaay past Halloween, but…let’s pretend it still is! Here we have the 2014 Halloween Miku Nendoroid to put us back into the spirit!! This Miku is the first (of many to come I’m sure) of the Halloween Miku series from GSC. I tried to resist, but her design is so adorable I had to have her. She was based off of this illustration by the illustrator Suou.

Suou Miku *sigh* I really would have loved a scale of this illustration but a Nendo is better than nothing right? I guess it’s a good thing she didn’t get a scale because space is becoming limited around here. XD




IMG_8856A lot of people aren’t too fond of the new packaging GSC uses for Nendoroids but I love it. ❤ They make the figures look like the collector items they are instead of cheap toys like before.

IMG_8861 Inventory checks can easily be done in blisters. Main figure, 2 extra faceplates, candy cane wand, 3 extra arms, 2 arms come with hands that can grab the candy cane, 1 extra bent leg, 1 pair of bat wings, Nendo stand and base, 1 extra skin colored joint and 1 extra orange colored joint (both not pictured here but you should have them).

IMG_8862 Miku: Muahahahhaha! It is I! The Halloween spirit of mischief and fun!

Oh! Hello there Miku mischief spirit. What brings you here?

IMG_8866 Miku: I could feel the cries of your soul begging for an awesome Halloween.



Really? Well, are you going to sing me a scary Halloween song?

Miku: No.

;-; B0but you look ready to sing.

IMG_8869 Miku: No songs! Just Halloween fun! Now…


IMG_8876 Miku: Shall we get started? Hehe.

0_0 Where’d the pumpkin come from?

Miku: Shhhhh. No questions. >_<

IMG_8883 Miku: Just sit back and enjoy what’s about to happen.


Miku: Why is your face re-DON’T THINK LIKE THAT!!!! D:<

Sorry, just your word choice was…U///U

Miku: Don’t talk anymore! >///< J-just give me some trea- candy.

Sorry but…I’m all out.



IMG_8885 Miku: *hisses* WWWWWWWWWHHHAT!??!


NOOOOOO! Please stop Miku! W-what if we go play some tricks on people?

IMG_8887 Miku: …Now you’re talking. I could go for a good trick right about now. >:D Look over there.

IMG_8889 Miku: I’m pretty sure I just found the perfect target. ❤

IMG_8891 Mirai: Nya nya! Happy Halloween Miku!!

Miku: Heheh.

Mirai: ??? ^_^;

IMG_8893 Mirai: *Feeling uncomfortable* Happy Halloween everyone, I hope you all ha-

Miku: Heheh. *points candy cane and casts a spell*

Mirai: WAH!!



IMG_8895 Mirai: W-WHAT’S GOING ON!!?!?

IMG_8896 Mirai: 0_0 THAT’S MY BODY!!!

Mirai’s Body: !?!?!??!

IMG_8898Mirai: I-I don’t understand. ;-;

Miku: HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!! Remember to feed your Halloween spirit with lots of treats or else you’ll get plenty of tricks!!

Mirai: But I didn’t do anything. ;-;

Miku: Oh stop your whining. You’ll go back to normal…maybe.

Mirai: 0_0

IMG_8899 Mirai: Waaaaahhhh!!

Mirai’s body: *panics*

Miku: Hehehe. Until next time, see you everyone. >:)

IMG_8900I honestly made this photostory on Halloween and posted it to figure.fm…so it was season accurate, just not on my blog. XD Hope you still enjoyed it. 🙂


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