Kotobukiya: ARTFX J: Youko Kurama

IMG_9043 The 5th scale figure to join my collection is Youko Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho. Kurama was always my favorite character when I was younger but once I was Youko Kurama, he quickly surpassed Kurama as my favorite. Haha.

IMG_9044 Youko Kurama was released in November of 2013 by Kotobukiya and is apart of their ARTFX J line.

IMG_9045 I managed to track him down about 2 months ago on Rakuten Terraformer for $70 usd.

IMG_9046 IMG_9047 I’ve seen him for sale at a con with a RED Pierrot sticker…mines is blue. I don’t believe he is a bootleg buuuuut…I think he may be a defect for reasons you’ll see later on in this post. If anyone has any info on the different colored stickers, PLEASE let me know. It’l put my collectors mind at ease.

IMG_9048 Of course the others are for sale and Koto just HAS to let you know. XD

IMG_9049 Inventory check is pretty easy this time, main figure, base, and 1 extra/alternative arm.

IMG_9063 Let’s do a quick turnaround.




IMG_9054 ❤


IMG_9058Since he’s second hand, he has a few ‘leftovers’ from his previous owner. Looks like some kind of glue residue on his arm there…no idea why it’s so shiny.


IMG_9065 Seems the previous owner chipped the paint on his ears too. 😦

IMG_9066 He’s still very nice but…

IMG_9067 THIS. I’M NT HAPPY WITH THIS. His alternate hand (left) has suffered some crappy quality control. Look at that seam line. ;-; and what’s worse…IMG_9074

IMG_9068 LOOK AT THAT FINGER. THAT POOR BENT, UPTURNED FINGER. *cries* His finger is supposed to be straight but as you can see in this picture and the one below, it’s somehow been warped. I have no idea of the previous owner did it or if it arrived to them like that from Kotobukiya because…DAT SEAMLINE. like….sdjfhiwqrptviqweirotc;itru ugh. IMG_9069 But I guess it adds a bit of realism depending on what angle you look at him at cause…no one can hold their fingers truly straight…right? ….RIGHT!? ;-; IMG_9070 Anyway, let’s be positive again. XD He has a very lovely base.

IMG_9071 And a nicely sculpted tail.

IMG_9073 Scaled compared to Levi. Both are 1/8th scale…poor Levi. XD

IMG_9076 His paint job is still nice though and despite that arm,

IMG_9077I still like him an lot and I’m happy to have him in my collection. ❤


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