You’re not you…


Nel Seems to have dipped into Saber’s snack stash. IMG_8512 Nel: I hope Saber won’t mind that I ate some of her chips. I was so hungry and they were so good. I wonder where she is, I can sense her reiatsu from this direction so I guess this is a good place to start.

IMG_8513 Nel: Hey Saber I at-???

IMG_8514 ???: Ah yes, this chair will do nicely.

IMG_8516 Nel: Ummmm, I’m sorry but, who are you?

IMG_8519 ???: Humph! It seems some commoner doesn’t know who I am.

Nel: …Saber?

IMG_8521 ???*Does a dramatic turn around* It is I, the lovely idol Raiko!

IMG_8522 Nel: Bwahahahhahaha!

IMG_8523 Raiko: *Annoyed* What’s so funny? Get up!

Nel: Hahahahah!

IMG_8524 Nel: Hah, ha, wooo. That was good Saber. You almost had me for a second.


Nel: Here, I came to apologize for eating your chips but if you want to play id-

IMG_8525 Raiko: Pft! Why would I eat those greasy pig treats?

Nel: Ummm, because you love them?

Raiko: I haven’t eaten those things a day in my life.

Nel: Saber…what’s gotten into you?

Raiko: Stop calling me by that hideous name! It has no appeal to it what so ever.

Nel:…and Raiko does…? -_-

Raiko: Well duh! My family knew that their daughter would be the next child to become an idol sensation!


IMG_8526 Shiro: Aaaaaarrrf!

Nel: Ah, Shiro. Glad to see you, maybe seeing you can bring Saber back to her senses.

Shiro: ARF! >:D

IMG_8527 Raiko: What the heck is that?


Raiko: Seriously, is it like, a dog…bear…i’m running out of ideas her-

IMG_8529 Shiro: *pounce*

Raiko: GAH!!

IMG_8530 Nel: *Shakes head*

Raiko: !?!?!?

Shiro: 😀 ❤ ❤ ❤

IMG_8531 Raiko: Ew, ew, ew, EWWWWWW!! Get it off! Stop it! Off, NOW!!

Shiro: ❤

IMG_8532 Shiro: *gives Raiko some serious lovin*

Raiko: Don’t just stand there! Get it off! HELP ME!

Nel: *sigh*

IMG_8534 Nel: Sorry about that. It’s just that your reiatsu is REALLY similar to a good friend of ours.

Raiko:…my what now?

Nel:…your aura.

Raiko: ???

Nel: *frustrated sigh* You really just resemble someone we know, okay?

Raiko: Why didn’t you just say so?


IMG_8535 Nel: Anyway, what was your name again?

Raiko: Raiko. Don’t forget it kay? As a matter of fact, I don’t even see how you forgot it the first time.

Nel: Thanks Raiko. What are you doing here anyway?

Raiko: Honestly…I have no idea. Last thing I remember is being asleep in a car on the way to a show.

Nel: That’s strange.

Raiko: Yeah, tell me about it. Now I’m just looking around for my manager, I figured he must be here somewhere.

Nel: I see, well, feel free to stay here as long as it takes, or at least until your manager comes for you.

Raiko: Well…it’s not the Four Seasons but, it’ll have to do for now.

Nel: yeah, um, okay.

IMG_8539 *Confused as to what exactly is going on, Nel researches the name Raiko to see why Saber picked such a name*

Nel: Let’s see….Raiko, Raiko. ,Rai-

IMG_8540 Nel: Ah! I found something! Shiro, look at this!

Shiro: ???

Nel: It says that Raiko was a popular idol in Japan about 2 years ago. She had a great following of fans and quickly rose to the top as an idol, despite her unusual cocky un-idol like behavior. One evening on the way to a show, she was involved in a car crash. Both she and her driver died…


Nel: No way, can’t be. *scrolls down to see pictures of Raiko from 2 years ago* S-she looks just like Saber…just like the girl from earlier!!!

Shiro: ???

Nel: S-she’s dead…

IMG_8541 Nel: *straightens up in a panic* She’s dead! W-what does this mean?

Shiro: *whimpers*

IMG_8542Shiro: …

IMG_8543*Cue dramatic mystery music* Just WHO is this mysterious beauty? Is she really the Idol Raiko who perished in a car crash 2 years ago? What is her motive? Why exactly is she here? and more importantly…WHERE IS SABER!?!?!

Tune in next time to find out!

Thanks for reading! ^_^/


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