Figma Satsuki

Today we’re taking at look at Good Smile and Max Factory’s Sigma Satsuki: Godrode Junketsu Figma! Nothing much to say except that after having Ryuko for a year I was really excited for Eyebrow-sama’s release. Let’s get to it it!


First let’s see how she came out of the shipping box. I ordered her directly from Good Smile Company’s Online shop so I got the bonus! Her extra swords from later on in the series was too sweet of a bonus to pass up!


Let’s start with a few views of the box. I like to show the box to help people identity bootlegs from legit. 🙂




Other side


Everything unboxed.


Quick parts check. Besides Eyebrows-sama and the 2 pieces of the scissor blade, you should have her stand base, stand arm, instructions sheet, Figma zip plastic bag, hand dock with 8 hands (4 left, 4 right), 2 extra face plates, her sword sheathed, and her sword unsheathed.


Max Factory did an excellent job making sure Eyebrows-sama was safe.


They even took great care to protect her luscious locks. ❤


Remember that the new Figmas incorporate a ball joint type of system for the hands/wrists vs the old hinge joint. if you’re worried about the articulation of her hands then worry not. The part of the sleeve that covers part of her hand is made of a soft rubbery plastic. You can bend it back without worry. 🙂


GSC Bonus swords!


Satsuki is ready for action. I honestly love posing her with the shortest dagger like sword the most. ❤ It gives her more of an assassin feel to me.


Bring it on!



If you prefer Satsuki without the giant Junketsu shoulder pieces, you can easily remove them. They are on a joint as well. Even the lace above her thighs can be removed! All small, but nice touches! ❤ If you swivel and rotate the Junketsu pieces, you can make…JET PACK EYEBROWS-SAMAAAAA!  >:D  XD


She looks like a space cadet…a scantily clothed space cadet of awesome. hehe.


Now for the moment I’m sure all Satsuki fans have been waiting for…


DAT BOOTY. DAT GLORIOUS GLORIOU BOOTY. LOL. Great care has been given to make sure that Eyebrows-sama looks faithful to her anime counterpart. All parts of her were sculpted with care, just like an other Figma. 🙂


Her shadow really reminds me of Mutsu from Kancolle.


Don’t forget, that unlike Nendoroids, not all sigma faceplates can be swapped. From right to left we have, Snow Miku 2015, Ryuko, and Satsuki. The holes that attach the plates to the heads are all different shapes and sizes. While Ryuko and Snow Miku’s look similar, their thickness varies.





Satsuki: Ryuko, give me some.

Ryuko: I don’t think so. Get you own.

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed! 😀


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