Hello! \^_^/


Thank you all for visiting my blog! Besides having a Livejournal and a Figure.fm account, this is my first time having an actual blog site where everyone can see all my thoughts. I decided to make this blog because I believe my posts are getting far too long for figure.fm and I don’t want to hog the front page. XD Plus, this way I can have all my hobbies neatly organized in one place.


About me! 

I’m a college graduate with a BFA in Animation. Like most others, I got into anime when I was younger with the Toonami classics on Cartoon Network. In 2007 a friend introduced me to Anime conventions, although I had already been going to Yu-Gi-Oh early release parties/conventions for 2 or 3 years at the time. At conventions I discovered figures but couldn’t afford them, later on I saved up and got my first 2 Nendoriods from an awesome Livejournal member. My first Nendoriods were Black Rock Shooter and Dead Master (OVA) versions. I feel in love with Nendos instantly and did more research on figures. Ihave a small, but steadily growing collection of Nendos, Figmas, and now, Scale Figures. I recently started to collect Scale Figures and I LOVE them. In the past I thought they were boring because you couldn’t do anything with them but they are works of art and I love having them in my room.


Currently, I’m obsessed with Levi from Attack on Titan and my Levi Shrine is going STRONG. lol I’m also a Free! fangirl and Sharkie Rin is my favorite! ❤ I like many other Anime and Manga, too many to list, but if you mention it, I more than likely have seen/read it. lol



I have 2 lovely Dollfie Dreams, Saber (Saber Extra) and Nel (Custom Volks 007 head). I got into dollfies long ago by following Danny Choo’s blog, and have loved them ever since! Dollfies have so many possibilities and I can’t wait to adopt another! ^_^



I’m also into Monster High dolls so if you have a love for them as well, feel free to share! I cut down half of my collection but I still have a decent amount of them. XD


Where to find me…





Feel free to follow or friend me on any of these sites! ^_^/


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